Answers to all your questions….

Why should I enter a Global Wine Masters competition?
Our competitions put wines from all over the world in front of some of the world’s best palates. Our unique structure means that wines from all regions have a level playing field, while our ties with the drinks business offer unparalleled access to wine professionals worldwide.

How do you arrange your competitions?
We split our competitions by category, usually with a focus on a particular grape variety or distinctive style. This means your wines are judged against their direct competitors – as grape variety is one of the most important purchasing cues for consumers – and they can succeed wherever they are grown in the world.

How do I enter a competition?
Each competition has a dedicated signup page (you can find it from the ‘Competitions’ tab on the homepage). You need to fill in the form for each entry, pay the entry fee and send your sample bottles to the address on the left.

How much does it cost?
Our competitions cost £159 ex VAT for each entry. You will also need to pay for shipping to our London logistics centre.

Why do you need two samples?
Even the best winemakers sometimes find faults in their bottles. We always have a second bottle ready, in case the judges need it, so that a single faulty bottle won’t hurt your chances of success.

When do I need to enter?
Our competitions cost £159 ex VAT for each entry. You will also need to pay for shipping to our London logistics centre.

How much does it cost?
Each competition has a deadline on its signup form, and a separate deadline for the samples to arrive at our London logistics centre. If you are concerned about your wines arriving in time, please email awards@thedrinksbusiness.com and we will advise you.

What if my wine is not eligible for any competition?
Any wine can enter our competitions! If you cannot find a competition that matches your wine, our Spring and Autumn Tastings are completely open to all styles, varieties and regions.

Does my wine have to be in the UK market to enter?
Certainly not! Many producers use our competitions to gain prestige and open new markets. As long as the bottles arrive to us, they will be tasted and judged.

Can I enter multiple or back vintages?
You can enter any vintages you want. Our medals are for specific vintages of specific wines, so different vintages can enter the same competition.

Who are your judges?
Our judging chair, Patrick Schmitt MW, picks the very best in the business for our competitions. They need years of experience in tasting across all sectors of the wine industry. Most are Masters of Wine, but we also work with Master Sommeliers and senior buyers.

Are the wines tasted blind?
Our judges are given a very small amount of information – the style of the wine and its price category. This means they can judge without prejudice, but it allows them to judge a wine fairly with reference to its style and price. There is never enough information for judges to realise which wine they are tasting.

Are the judges impartial?
None of our judges taste wines in which they have a personal or commercial interest. If we think there is any chance of a conflict of interest, we will make sure that another panel tastes that wine.

How are the scores decided?
Wines are judged blind by a panel of judges. Each judge assigns a score individually, before they discuss the wine to decide its medal. This means that your result is decided by consensus between multiple experts.

Are the medals tied to price?
Our judges always know the price category of a wine and factor that into their considerations. You can still win a top medal for an inexpensive wine, and charging a premium price is no guarantee of the best awards. Instead, we reward great taste with reference to what a consumer will pay.

When do I get my results?
You should receive the results of your entries within one week of the competition (and we will always try to get them to you as soon as possible). If you haven’t received them after a week, please email Michael.Huband@unionpress.co.uk.

When are the results published?
Results are published in the drinks business, usually within two months of the competition, and online in that same month. Your results email will confirm these dates.

Do you give scores for wines?
We award medals rather than 100-point scores. Our reasoning is simple – the world of wine can be intimidating for the average consumer, so we want to make sure they find it easy and straightforward to understand the results.

What can I do with my results?
If you win a medal, you should tell everyone! You will receive medal artwork and tips to help you promote your success to consumers and clients, as well as coverage in the drinks business magazine. Our team will also contact you about exclusive promotional opportunities for winners of Global Wine Masters medals, designed to bring you to an even bigger audience.